Monday, May 9, 2011


It sure has been a while..months!!! Not sure if anyone still keeps up with this anymore but if so then here is an update. To start...we did a second round of IVF in February, with a negative result. Another crushing blow to our journey.
My Dr's response..I am at a loss. She referred us to a Dr in Colorado. Why Colorado, they are one of the best in the nation.
I had my phone consult this past Friday. His recommendation, a chromosome test, add vitamins and anti-oxidants to our diet along with another IVF Colorado.
We are at the point now, 2 years in to this process, where we are stuck. Do we cut our losses and put the rest of this journey in God's hands or do we go to Colorado and try this all over again..
What we have decided to do is go ahead with the chromosome test. Once the results are in we will know what to do.
Thank you everyone for the love and continued support.


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  1. My beautiful Sister, wonderful brother in law, and your daughter... uh... oh yeah... Kylee,

    I have just gone through and reread your posts from the last year... and you both are just amazing people! To be honest, I had no idea this was as prevalent of an issue as it is. However, now that I'm aware of it, I realize that you see this issue addressed in magazines and television so frequently it's scary!

    Nick, you are an amazing man, husband, and Father. I believe, and I think my family does as well, that Kylee is the confident, young girl that she is becuase of your presense. You're strong, and you've raised these two girls up. For every sacrifice you have made for your family, I am so grateful Carli and Kylee feel so secure and loved.

    My beautiful Sister... you are a F$%&^*G trooper! I never suffer in silence, because I'm dramtic and LOUD... but you have held yourself with such dignity and poise, I bet people are not even aware of what you're going through! I'm sure that inappropriate reach outs by irresponsible, emotionally unstalbe college students are the last thing you need... but I'm so proud of you! (***SNAP!!!***)

    Your family is strong, and you're all very loved. Post more frequently, because whether or not people read it every day... eventually we will stalk you, and we want to know what's happening in your world.

    I love you... and they won't let me post a picture, but I'm making Carli and Sheesh's smiling face right now.

    Your Brother, Brother-in-Law, Uncle, and all-around badass,